Medellin Tips!

Medellin Tips!

Hi! Welcome to Medellin,the City of Eternal Spring. We are famous for many things: our culture, transformation, people and food. And of course, something that makes us feel proud of our city. is the Metro, the only one of its kind in the country,the best transportation system you can find here, and that is why Los Patios Learning Center wants to give you some tips so you can get a nice ride.

The first thing you need to know is how to buy a ticket. Follow these steps:

  • Greet the person at the ticket booth. People here like to give and receive a greeting. For example, you can say, “Buenos días”, “buenas tardes” o “buenas noches” (Good morning, good afternoon, good evening).
  • Then, you need to buy the ticket, so you can say: “Necesito un tiquete” (I need a ticket). “Puedes darme dos tiquetes, por favor” (Can you give me two tickets, please?) or simply “¿Cuánto cuesta un tiquete?” (How much is a ticket?). The normal price for one ticket is COP 2,400 (USD 0,82).

Wait for more tips!

If you want to receive a quick survival dictionary, request it at the bottom of our website! Enjoy your stay in the city of the mountains.