Frequently Asked Questions

We usually have A1-A2 Beginners Levels, and B1-B2 Intermediate Levels. Advanced students take, most of the time, Private Group or Individual Private lessons with flexible schedule.

The Placement Process has been designed to evaluate your knowledge of Spanish and proficiency level, in case you need it to start in a different level than Beginners.

Once you have booked a Spanish plan, we will contact you and schedule an on-line interview to know about your interests, language experience, and evaluate oral skills. Using a link we will send, written and reading abilities will be checked afterwards, so before you arrive we will know for certain the level you belong to.

The Spanish Plans with lodging are based on four, six and eight, dorm options, but you can also contact us to receive a quote based on a Private Room lodging.

A Paypal link will be sent to you, once you have confirmed your booking.