Social & Cultural Activities

Mercado Experience

The tradition of a ¨Public Mercado¨ was brought to our land by the Spanish Colonizers. At its time, the Mercado was not conceived as a closed precinct but as an activity, developed at the “Plaza Mayor” in the central area of the city. It was usually held on Saturdays or Sundays, the same days Religious Services were provided.

Guided by one of our Language Managers, in this Mercado you will experience new flavors, colors and textures, expressions of our land. You will get to feel the Mercado’s vibe, negotiate or socialize with local fruit and vegetable growers.

Salsa Sessions

You can´t miss out on learning a few steps of vibrant Salsa. You will need to show your best steps to have a better chance of knowing locals and their traditions. One of our Salsa Teachers will give you a few tips on how to feel the percussion.

Yoga Sessions

A certified Yoga Instructor will guide you through a focused and relaxing Session. It includes Mat and a Colombian fruit, don´t forget to bring water!

Gastronomy Experiences

Once a week you will be pampered with a traditional Colombian meal or international flavors, prepared by invited chefs. As a matter of fact, if you are one, please let us know. It´s the perfect time to relate with Los Patios Family and have a cultural exchange.

Art Exhibition & Workshop

Through a conversation and workshop with the Artist exhibiting in the Young Artists Exhibition Hall, you will get closer to the cultural sensibility of the City, while having a Language exchange session.

Bicycle & Bohemia

Colombia has a deep history and connection with Bicycling and it has long been a pioneer in Latin America, with hundreds of kilometers of bicycle paths, called ¨Ciclorutas¨ (e.g. 54 km in Medellín, 440 km in Bogotá), and the famous Sunday ¨Ciclovía¨, in which several primary streets are exclusively enabled for bicycles. During a Night Ciclovía, we will guide you to a traditional Neighborhood where you will feel the local bohemian atmosphere and its people.

Bar Hopping Night

Starting in our Ziruma Tiki Bar on the Roof Top, you will hop through several traditional, new bars and discos, with local hosts, friends and guests from Los Patios. Can´t miss it if you want to know the real local night life!

Football Night Fever

Join unfathomable Los Patios team to match-up against any opponent from the International Hostel League (not registered with FIFA), or people from around the block… We guarantee unrevealed international stars from unexpected places…

History and Memories

It´s a meaningful trip through a traditional neighborhood and museum that will make you know and feel the transformation of Medellín and its people.

Karaoke Night

What’s a karaoke night without some kind of incentive to sing with passion? The barman will stimulate all of the ¨hard-working¨ interpreters, and maybe he could also be astonished by a student who sings in Spanish!