Michele Simon


I started my South American trip in Medellín and took a four-week Spanish Immersion Pack. It proved to be very useful. I could communicate effectively to get may way around and also get closer to people and their culture by having deeper conversations. The classes are very dynamic and practical, and the field trips are a touch of reality that complement perfectly.

The Hostel is one of a kind, not only the facilities but the great staff, always willing to make you feel comfortable and give you the best advice. I will certainly miss all of you guys! Muchas gracias, Familia Los Patios!

  Risa O.


I took 10 hour spanish classes with Mauricio. He was very helpful. It would have been nice to do more but I was limited with time. We went to the market and I learned about the fruits native to Colombia which was a good exercise to practice my spanish. I would definitely recommend the Spanish Classes for anyone who wants to learn or improve their spanish.


  Rhys H.

United States

Stayed here In a private room for 3 nights. This hostel is super modern clean and has everything you could need. The staff her are super helpful, there are free activities everyday, I did the power Spanish class which was great and highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn the local lingo. The views from the rooftop bar are incredible! A fantastic hostel that’s highly recommended.